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Area 51 Photographed By Daring Pilot

In the annals of UFO history, there is no place more prevalent or still mysterious, like Area 51. The Air Force operated site in the Nevada desert has been shrouded in mystery for decades, with many UFO theorists believing it holds alien artifacts or even the bodies of extraterrestrials. There are even those who believe that there are living aliens on the base working hand-in-hand with the US government!

Recently, a daring private pilot has released a handful of never before seen images of Area 51. The pilot’s name is Gabe Zeifman. The photos are taken from angles that have never before been shot of the mysterious base in the desert. Zeifman holds both private and commercial pilot licenses, and he has been flying planes since he was a teenager. During each flight across the area, he captured images using a GoPro camera.

Most of the airspace above Area 51 is restricted. But, Zeifman asked for and was actually given permission to fly over the area from the altitude and approach that he did.

“So I’ve always wanted to go fly out there and now I just moved down to this area out and Okay, well, let’s go do it. I again call Nellis and that’s just standard for me. You don’t have to talk to air traffic control under the rules I was flying under but you’re perfectly welcome to and encouraged to so I called them and after they identified me I asked if the transitive restricted 48 06 West available? And they said, ‘yeah,’ so like, okay, well then I’m gonna do that. And then flew right along the boundary of the box. I mean, everybody has seen the views. It was pretty awesome,” Zeifman told Mystery Wire.

His photographs show new angles of the mysterious base taken from the northwest of the facility, looking southeast.  Zeifman’s photos show clearer images than have ever been revealed of the buildings and runways of the secretive military base.

Zeifman told Mystery Wire that he has made three flights over the area since last November, each time asking for, and receiving permission to skirt the restricted airspace over the base.  He took his astounding photos while flying along what’s known as the “truly restricted border” that’s still some 30 to 40 miles away from the base. Zeifman said that in each of his trips, he was “very careful” not to cross over the border in order to avoid any escalation.

The US government had spent decades refusing to acknowledge that Area 51 even existed, before releasing documents confirming it did in 2013. The continued secrecy surrounding the site has fueled rumors of government studies of extraterrestrials and crashed UFOs. Furthermore, the base is the site where such high-tech military aircraft such as the U-2 spy plane, it’s successor the SR-71 Blackbird, and the B-2 stealth bomber, were developed and tested, which has led UFO enthusiasts to speculate that these aircraft were the results of “reverse engineered” alien tech.

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