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Are You Prepared for Chaos Between Elections?

Electoral College Ballot Box

The nation is at a cross-current — between the November 3rd presidential election and the January 5th senatorial election in Georgia.

It seems that half the nation believes that massive fraud in November may have stolen the election away from President Trump – and a goodly number of them are certain of it. The controversy over the election counts is at a fever pitch because one side – the Trump folks – is producing evidence of voting irregularities – and outright fraud – in several states.  Should most of the hard evidence, suspicious behavior and accusations prove to be true, it could conceivably reverse the current vote count.

On the other side, the folks are sticking to their false narrative that vote fraud is non-existent.  Those suggesting that this election – like all elections – suffers from an unfortunate level of election skullduggery are deemed to be lunatics.

The juxtaposed claims ignore a third possibility – that there is significant vote fraud uncovered, but it may not be sufficient to overturn the currently certified results.  And it is not just a matter of the alleged levels of vote fraud – and the specific examples that have been shown in various hearings and court documents.  Even when vote fraud is found, it can be very difficult to prove in a court-of-law.

Where there is an overcount, for example, it is clear that the vote total is not accurate.  In most cases, the overcount can be shown to benefit one candidate over another.  Even so, identifying the perpetrators and determining how to correct the situation is nye on impossible.  So, the vote stands.

Our presidential elections are unique because of the Electoral College.  According to the Constitution, the President of the United States is chosen by the electors.  No one else.  It is their collective judgment – and their judgment alone – to determine who will sit in the Oval Office.

They obviously do not have to vote for the candidate who wins the popular vote.  We have seen that situation several times in American history.  Traditionally, they follow the voters in their home states – and are faithful to the candidate for whom they promised to vote.

While the presidential candidate’s name appears on the ballot, we actually vote for the electors who pledge to vote for that candidate.  But they do not have to do so.  They are empowered to vote for any naturalized citizen over the age of 35.

Once they vote, the election is over, and we officially have a President-elect.  There are no legal avenues to overturn their vote because they have no restrictions on their vote.  In a crazy way, even if Trump could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he actually won the majority of the vote in the key borderline states, it makes no difference.  Whether it is an honest election, a crooked election, one candidate or another wins the popular vote, there is no obligation for the Electoral College electors to vote according to the voters.

Trump’s one option is to have a few state legislatures put up a slate of Trump-friendly electors.  That is not a violation of the Constitution.  In fact, the state legislatures have the fundamental right to select the electors.  They have traditionally surrendered that power to the voters, but they do not have to do so.  Any one of the legislatures can replace the Biden electors with Trump electors.

However,  the chance of them doing that is nil.  In this case, tradition is more powerful than the constitutional right.  That means – vote fraud or not – former Vice President Joe Biden is the odds-on favorite to be voted by the electors and be inaugurated President on January 20, 2021.

But that reality does not mean we should follow the false narrative of the anti-Trump news media in their indefensible contention that there has been no vote fraud.

So, what about Georgia?

The best course of action for Republican voters – especially those of a conservative persuasion – is to focus on the future.  No true Republican – and certainly no true conservative – can do anything but donate and vote for Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Those who claim to be Republican or conservative and would vote against them – or encourage Republicans to stay home are neither Republicans nor conservatives.  They are among the false flaggers who have sold out to the radical left Democratic Party.  To follow their lead is to commit political suicide.

It is political insanity to allow the tragic loss of the presidency to justify the loss of the Senate.  Never before has it been so necessary for every conservative mind and heart to vote.

So, there ‘tis.