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Are People With RH Negative Blood Descended From Aliens?

I have a very rare blood type — AB Negative. Throughout my life I always thought that (among other things) made me a pretty cool guy.

But a recent theory suggests that I, and others like me – may not only be cool — we may be literally “out of this world!”

As the theory goes, the Rh negative factor in human blood is so rare, and because it even causes a mother with Rh negative blood to attack and spontaneously abort a fetus with RH positive blood, that it must have alien origins.

It is generally accepted that humans have evolved naturally on Earth from apes or ape-like ancestors. In fact, the “Rh” in Rh factor even derives its name from the Rhesus Macaque, a monkey. So, why the controversy? Before we answer that, a little background on Rh and blood types.

Your blood contains antigens, which are proteins and sugars that sit on red blood cells and give your blood its “type.” While there are at least 33 blood typing systems, only two are widely used. These are the ABO and the Rh-positive/Rh-negative blood group systems. Together, these two groups form the eight basic blood types that most people are familiar with.

Within the Rh system there are 61 antigens, with the D antigen determining whether one is Rh-positive of Rh-negative. This antigen is a sensitive protein that exists on the surface of red blood cells and can react negatively if it comes in contact with Rh-positive blood.

It is that violent reaction that has raised the question of an alien origin for Rh negative blood, particularly when it occurs between a pregnant woman, and her developing baby.

If a woman with Rh-negative blood becomes pregnant with an Rh-positive baby, her body will produce antigens signaling to her immune system that her fetus is essentially toxic. Oddly, the woman’s body will kill its own fetus, unless given a rare antibody known as Rh-D immunoglobulin.

Most conventional wisdom says that the Rh-negative blood type, is simply a mutation that came about at some unknown time in our evolution.

But, others have speculated that it may have come from an alien species that interbred with humans or engineered us in some way, producing a hybrid bloodline.

They look to what occurs in our own terrestrial nature to support the theory. There are similar incompatibilities when we have taken it upon ourselves to create hybrid animals. For example, when a horse and a donkey are bred, the genetic differences result in a mule, that is sterile. The same goes for a liger – the progeny of a lion and a tiger – the two species chromosomes don’t match, so they produce infertile offspring. Could there be a similar incompatibility between Rh-negative mothers and Rh-positive babies, indicating that they are similar, but two distinct species of humans? So say the Rh alien theorists.

What Does it Mean to Have Rh Negative Blood?

Only about 15% of the world’s total population has the Rh-negative distinction. But this percentage of the population is not spread evenly across all areas of the planet. While humans are thought to all share a common ancestor, originating in sub-Saharan Africa, the number of Rh-negative Africans is disproportionately low compared to others – about three percent. In Asia, that proportion is even lower with only about one percent of the population possessing this rare blood type.

The gene that produces Rh-negative is largely present in Caucasians, with the highest concentration found in a small region on the Iberian Peninsula between France and Spain, known as the Basque region. That breakdown of populations lends more credence to the “alien hybrid” theory.

In the Basque region nearly 50 percent of the population is Rh-negative, and that’s not the only distinguishing feature of the region.

Those from the Basque are also the only people of Western Europe who continue to speak an indigenous Indo-European language – an isolated tongue not spoken anywhere else in Europe. But this language is not just isolated, it’s completely unrelated to other European languages.

There are ancient legends, even accounts in the Bible that speak of “angels” or other ethereal beings mating with humans and producing “angel-human” hybrids.

Is the rarity of the Rh negative blood type evidence of such matings, and are those with the distinctive blood type descended from the heavens? While there certainly are some more conventional explanations, people with Rh negative blood have been said to possess some unique attributes including:

  •      Higher than average IQ
  •      Lower body temperature
  •      Higher blood pressure
  •      Red or reddish hair
  •      Extra vertebrae
  •      Sensitive vision and particular sensitivity to sunlight
  •      Elevated intuition and more evidence of ESP


Quite a lot of people with Rh negative blood have another, more creepy connection than those mentioned above.

It has been reported that a majority of people who believe that they have been victims of alien abductions, have Rh negative blood. Also, many people with Rh negative blood say they suffer from Night Terrors, sleep paralysis, or encounters with the so-called “shadow people.”

Are these experiences merely the effects of the supposed superior intellects and heightened creativity and imaginations that seem to be present, in people with Rh negative blood, or are they proof of a connection to something other-worldly?