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Animal Mutilations Shocking a Houston Community!

Someone keeps dumping the heads of decapitated chickens and goats in a Houston neighborhood, and it has residents concerned!

Could this be some kind of prank? The illegal dumping of waste? Or is the apparent butchering of animals and dumping their heads regularly in the same area a sign of something more bizarre and Satanic going on in or around this southwest Houston community? Residents and authorities want to know!

“There is just one incident after another on Nextdoor. Every three or four months, we are finding these things in our neighborhood,” Callie Markantonis said.

Nextdoor is an app that allows area residents to monitor events going on in the neighborhood through linked video security cameras.

Markantonis is trying to make sense of something she spotted at the intersection of Tanglewilde Street and Fairdale last week.

“It was 8 o’clock, and we were walking, and there’s a box in the street,” she said. “I go over to look in the box; there is newspaper. I spread the newspaper, and I see fur.”

Markantonis made a gruesome discovery.

“It was a goat and chicken in the box, and both of them were headless,” she said.

Nearby security footage shows a white car driving slowly down the street with a box on top. Someone gets out on the passenger side, picks up the box, and drops it off at the intersection before they drive away.

“But, we can’t get a license plate from it, so we don’t know. Is it a religious thing?”, Markantonis said.

She reported it to the police and said this is not the first-time decapitated animals have been found in the neighborhood.

“About two years ago on this corner, two giant headless chickens were in plastic bags on the street. We were all like, ‘Okay, that’s strange,’ and then it started happening every two or three months,” she said.

Neighbors say the findings are weird and concerning. They want to know who’s responsible and why it keeps happening.

“Where are they cutting the heads off? And where are the heads at? Where are they doing it at? Why here?” one man said.

“Seems like some Voodoo magic or something strange someone is doing, and it doesn’t belong over here,”  area resident Jamal Erif said.

The Houston SPCA is investigating the incident, and Markantonis just wants it to stop.

“Please stop dumping this in our neighborhood,” she said.

Anyone who may have any information about the bizarre and shocking animal mutilations is urged to contact the Houston SPCA. Tipsters can remain anonymous.