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Ancient Aircrafts – Myth or Reality?

From flying carpets to “solar boats,” tales of some kind of aircraft buzzing about the skies exist in the ancient stories of almost every culture on the planet. Are these merely fanciful myths of god and heroes, or could there be some truth to these legends?

Modern history dictates that there was no possible way that there were aircrafts during the days of Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Sumeria. And yet, there are many depiction of flying machines and flying men in the ancient texts and drawings of these and other cultures throughout the world.

Many religions talk about people soaring through the sky in chariots of fire, or talk about gods who came from the heavens in order to enlighten humanity. Such stoires have sparked the “Ancient Astronauts” theories mostly popularized by Erich von Däniken and his ground breaking 1968 book, Chariots of the Gods?.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of examples that show ancient peoples somehow had knowledge of modern aircraft.

Excavators found what appear to be model airplanes in an ancient South American tomb. On walls filled with Egyptian hieroglyphics, people have discovered drawings of what appear to be helicopters and flying saucers. Sketches dated to 200 BCE have appeared to show airplanes.

It isn’t only aircraft that we know and understand, that appear to be a subject of ancient history. In ancient India, scribes told stories about Vimanas. Vimanas were giant flying craft that their gods used as a method of travel.

The scriptures from the ancient Hindu religion actually include technical details about the Vimanas, including the number of engines different Vimanas contained. Drawings of Vimanas have also been found.

In many parts of India, the existence of Vimanas isn’t questioned – it’s considered to be a fact as clear as day. It could be that old world beliefs might hold the truth about ancient civilizations and their true technological prowess.

With so many apparent references to them from ancient civilizations across the planet, is it so unreasonable to presume that ancient civilizations had aircraft in their inventories, or at the very least, met others who had aircraft?

If there is any truth to any of this, then we have to rethink what we know about all of the major ancient civilizations, and the technology they may have possessed.

However, there is one issue which keeps skeptics questioning the apparent evidence – if ancient peoples had airplanes, where are they now?

If they existed, why cannot archeologists find any wreckage, or parts, or any actually physical evidence of their existence? Why are they only in stories and drawings?

But, that in and of itself, only deepens the mystery of ancient aircraft.


What do you think? Is there enough evidence to prove that ancient peoples were visited by more advanced societies from other worlds? Please reply using the comments below.