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Americans Fear Possession Through Brain Parasites…

George Orwell once said, ‘Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls the past.”  Humanity has been hijacked.  What if the world you live in is just an illusion.  Reality is perception.  Some scientists will tell you that all that we believe is reality is merely a holographic image.   Archons are said to be effective parasites that can’t exist on earth but can project themselves in the minds and emotions of people.  Their goal is control and their tool for control is negative energy.

In Gnostic mythology of the divine creators of the cosmos and humanity, Archons are the rulers.  It also can mean from the beginning.  In fact, the term Archon means ruler.  One can learn more about this subject by reading The Nag Hammadi library.  It is said that Archons are demons once caste away under the earth during the time of Atlantis only to resurface once again because of mans’ tampering with the unknown.  They feed off low vibrational emotional energy waves or negative energy emitted from humans during times of pain, suffering, strife, crisis, etc.  Humans are used as batteries by these entities.  They affect humanity in a way that keeps low vibrational emotional energy high by perpetuating things like war, famine, genocide, disease, etc.

Yaldabaoth was the first Archon (ruler) based on Gnostic mythology and this since considered the Demiurge.  He was considered the fake god.  His mother was Sophia.  She is what one would call an Aeon. After she gave birth, she hid Yaldabaoth due to his grotesqueness.  Because of this, he thought he was the only thing in existence.  Archons are androgynous so Yaldabaoth created 7 offspring to rule seven heavens.  Yaldabaoth boasts to the other Archons to be the one true God. These Archons are interdimensional parasites.  They are responsible for the artificial matrix false reality we all live in today.  These entities are beneath humans because they cannot create while humans possess the ability to be creative.  Archons can only manipulate that which is already there.  The masters of shadows.  The unseen puppet masters of humanity usually identified as the Djinn, demons and Genies.

Archons are the reason why ritual human sacrifices were done to worship gods.  These sacrifices were a surefire way the Archons could ensure that there would be an abundance of negative energy due to emotional pain initiated through human suffrage.  This might make one come to question why there’s a war always going on somewhere in the world.  Hot wars lead to warm bodies so wars fit the Archontic agenda perfectly.

Archons are said to have created the physical world that we live in with the exception of the sun, earth and moon.  They can be better described as cyborg-like and robotic.  The Archons can imitate but not innovate. Archons are said to specialize in phantasia, deception and inversion.  This gives them the ability to create false realities.  They are mind parasites.  Satanism is a sect that follows the Archontic use of inversion.  One example would be the use of an inverted pentagram to mimic the Star of David.  The fall of man is linked to the Archons by way of the Reptilians.  It’s said that our human genetics has been manipulated by Archon led Reptilians.  This is where the reptile brain connection comes into play.  This is why there is so much serpent representation all over the world.  In the Vatican, there are reptile humanoid statues, there’s the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and so on.

The Archons have infiltrated our everyday lives to date.  They attach themselves to the human mind, some might call it demonic possession and cause a person to lose compassion for humanity.  This is why we can’t wake up to a day without wars or disease.  The negativity meter is in the red fueled by road rage, rape, terrorism and human trafficking just to name a few.  The elitist of the world believes they are blood descendants of these reptilian Archons that have taken over humanity.  This is the main cause for all of the blood lust in the world today.  Many of the elitists are Satanist.  In Satanism, the drinking of human blood is part of their ritual ceremony.  They say this gives them power and youth.  This is why it’s babies that are tortured prior to the bloodletting. Also, the babies are pre-adolescent and as pure as possible.  However, this also leads to the pedophilia epidemic that we are currently enduring because of the negative effect it has on children.  America lost over 300,000 children in 2018.  Where did they all go?

Religions today use images or representations of the drinking of blood and the eating of the flesh of a human as in Christianity and Catholicism.  These are merely mock-ups for what these Satanist are doing behind closed doors.  One might ask, are our religions infiltrated or used as fronts to derail and control the masses? Are Archons parasitic demons that controlling us via the elite and those in power?  These are important questions we must have answers to.  Stay tuned.