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Americans are beginning to believe in another civil war

It’s no secret that America in 2019 is sharply polarized – perhaps more than ever. But just how polarized have we really become? And is it possible that it could all just be media hype?

Well, to put things in perspective, in years past, the only people who talked about how the country was headed for another civil war were considered tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists.

But that’s no longer the case – not even close. In fact, believing that the political left and right in this country will soon go to war with one another is now a mainstream opinion.

According to a Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey, nearly one in three likely voters said that ‘it’s likely that the United States will have to endure a second civil war sometime within the next five years.’ Another 11 percent said that ‘it’s very likely’.

Conversely, 59 percent of individuals who were polled said that a second civil war is unlikely. Of that 59 percent, 29 percent of those people said that a second civil war is not at all likely.

Those on the left were slightly more fearful of a second civil war, with 37% of Democrats saying that civil war was more or less imminent. 32 percent of Republican voters felt the same way.

Although slightly more than half of likely American voters believed that it was improbable that the country would see another civil war, 59 percent of individuals who were polled said that they were concerned or very concerned that those who oppose President Trump’s policies will end up resorting to violence.

However, to be fair, this isn’t an entirely new phenomenon. To put things in perspective, during former President Barack Obama’s second year in office, 53 percent of likely voters believed that individuals who didn’t support his policies would also resort to violence.

Luckily, it turned out that they were wrong.

The Rasmussen poll also revealed that 53 percent of voters worried that people who are critical of the news media’s coverage of Trump would also become violent.

The animosity isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Working and middle-class Trump supporters are becoming increasingly worried – and for good reason – about becoming a minority in their own country in 2042. Meanwhile, leftist Democrats are pushing harder than ever to speed that process up by opening the borders wider than they’ve been opened before.

Sixteen states – all controlled by leftist Democrats, of course – have given or are in the process of giving a driver’s license to illegal aliens. And once you have a driver’s license in those states, that is all you need to vote.

At the same time, those sixteen states are part of another movement to give their electoral college delegates to the winner of the popular vote in our next presidential election.

Most reasonable people would consider these actions to be cut-and-dry cases of election fraud, pure and simple: the unconstitutional granting of voting rights to people who have broken U.S. laws and who are not citizens of the U.S., but who are almost certain to vote for the party who welcomed them with open arms.

So, if these actions are allowed to take place and are left unchallenged, many U.S. citizens are likely to conclude that the popular vote will be totally meaningless in the 2020 election, since a sizeable chunk of it will be the votes of people who shouldn’t be voting in the first place, and whose votes were bought and paid for by one political party.

Once the democratic process has been undermined to an extent this great, it’s likely to see how people would resort to violence.