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Aliens May Be Our Intergalactic Zookeepers

Here on earth, when scientists want to study interesting, yet potentially dangerous species, we put them behind bars in zoos, where they can be safely observed by zookeepers and others. Some very respected space scientists believe that same scenario may very well be the way aliens are currently looking at us!

At a recent meeting of the world’s most prominent astronomers in Paris, it was concluded that super intelligent aliens are likely observing us, but have put the earth on kind of an “intergalactic quarantine” because they feel contact with humans is far too risky. “Past experience shows that any meeting of two civilizations is dangerous for both,” said Danielle Briot, an astrophysicist at the Observatoire de Paris. “Knowing that civilized extraterrestrials will not try to communicate with us.”

Of course, Briot’s statement suggests that aliens do actually exist – and have already spotted us from far across space.

Intergalactic Zookeepers

Responding to Briot’s theory, speaking to a British newspaper, The Sun, Douglas Vakoch, the president of METI, a non-profit that aims to message extraterrestrials, said, “Perhaps extraterrestrials are watching humans on Earth, much like we watch animals in a zoo? How then can we get the galactic zookeepers to reveal themselves?”

Douglas thinks it’s possible for us to signal our intelligence to an alien species. This could provoke them into making contact with us, which would be far easier than traveling across space in search of extraterrestrial life ourselves.

“If we went to a zoo and suddenly a zebra turned toward us, looked us in the eye, and started pounding out a series of prime numbers with its hoof, that would establish a radically different relationship between us and the zebra,” the space buff explained.

“And we would feel compelled to respond. We can do the same with extraterrestrials by transmitting powerful, intentional, information-rich radio signals to nearby stars.”

Of course, sending out signals into space via radio transmissions is not a new idea. We have been deliberately sending such signals for decades, not to mention all the TV and radio broadcasts that have been beaming across the stars since the earliest days of broadcasting. Yet, we have never heard a definitive signal back from anyone. But, the scientists at the Paris conference said that does not mean that Aliens do not exist, it is more likely they do not want to be found.

“It seems likely that extraterrestrials are imposing a ‘galactic quarantine’ because they realize it would be culturally disruptive for us to learn about them,” said Jean-Pierre Rospars, the honorary research director at the Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique, who also co-chaired the METI Paris workshop.

This so-called “Zoo Hypothesis” is a very good solution for what is known in the Search for Extraterrestrials circles as the Fermi Paradox. The Paradox states that the universe is so vast and filled with so many earthlike planets, it is impossible to believe that we are its lone occupants, yet, if there are potentially millions of other intelligent civilizations out there, why have we not found any of them?

The Zoo Hypothesis solves the paradox neatly by saying aliens are real, they know we are here, they have seen us, and they are afraid of what they have seen, and feel that humans — like zoo animals — are something best observed at a distance!

Given recent headlines, I think they may be onto something!