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Aliens Abducting Humans – for SEX!

Chances are we have all had that one sexual encounter that was “out of this world.” Well, one man claims that for him, it was literally true – and he may not be alone. According to the British Tabloid The Sun, instead of the back seat of your daddy’s car like most of us, David Huggins claims he lost his virginity on a UFO!

The Close Encounter of the Sexy kind allegedly happened when Huggins now 75, was 17, and he was abducted by a “busty and curvaceous” ET named “Crescent.” He says he has fathered “hundreds” of alien children, and that she still visits him regularly.

According to Huggins’ account to The Sun, he was on his parents’ farm in Georgia, America, when he says he was seduced by a big-breasted alien woman as he was walking through the woods.

“I thought, if anything, I’d be losing [my virginity] in the backseat of a Ford—something like that. But it didn’t work out that way,” he says.

Since then, David claims he’s had many sexual encounters with extraterrestrials and believes he has fathered hundreds of alien babies.

Although he has no evidence, David paints portraits of his alien lover to remember their moments together. “My relationship with Crescent was warm and friendly. A little strange. What do I mean, a little? Very strange. She was my girlfriend, really,” David said.

Aliens Are Using Humans to Breed Hybrids

While Huggins’ story may be one of the most unusual in the annals of Alien Abductions, he is far from the only one to claim to have been abducted, probed, and otherwise experimented with by extraterrestrials. According to The Sun, up to six per cent of the population believe they have been abducted by aliens, and recently, experts have been exploring a new theory that postulates that aliens do exist – but we’re just “too stupid” to handle it. As that theory goes, researchers believe that aliens are keeping their existence quiet – because we’re too primitive compared to them to handle the shock of proof of their reality.

Those who claim they have had encounters often claim that they are “taken” so that aliens can take their sperm and eggs to create a new “hybrid” race, targeting the same families to harvest their specific genetic material.

Computer engineer Myriame Belmyr, 68, believes aliens exist, and also related her abduction experiences to The Sun. Belmyr says she was first abducted as a little girl, and has continued to be taken throughout her life, as recently as 2017.

“I don’t remember when it started but I often saw dwarf-sized grey beings around my bed,” she told The Sun.

“They were like pixies with black almond eyes. I never knew what they were and I didn’t know why they were in my room or what they did with me.”

However, the mother-of-two, who now lives in the southwest of France, didn’t realize what this meant until she was hypnotized in 2012.

She continues: “I recognized I had been abducted by extra-terrestrials throughout my life. Throughout my life I’d been left with unexplained marks on my body. One time I had three coin shaped bruises on my thigh that formed a triangle, and on another occasion I had a throbbing pain in my right side close to my kidney. It was only thanks to hypnosis I realized that the pain was a result of the probes they had used inside me.”

She went on, “Each time I was abducted a probe would enter my body and my ovarian eggs were removed. I was powerless to stop it.”

Group Therapy for Alien Abductees

After her encounters, Belmyr became the head of CeroFrance, an association created in 2014 which holds regular meetings for those who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

“Many of us are terrified by what have happened,” she continues. “Some have lost their jobs and lost their marriage. They are very disturbed by what’s happened. But together we can safely talk about what has happened to us.”

The members of the group have much in common. Most say they have had their ovarian eggs or sperm removed or harvested, some also say they have been abducted since childhood.

Sceptics rationalize abductees’ experiences as everything from sleep paralysis to false memory syndrome, but there is no definitive answer to explain what abductees are experiencing

The alien abductors have been described by those in Belmyr’s group in different ways, from the most common “small gray ones,” to “larger white ones,” and as we know from David Huggins, at least one with “round firm womanly breasts.”