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Alien Portal Found In Thailand?

“At first, my mom thought it was crazy. But I explained that we don’t do anything bad. We’re just trying to help people.”

So said Ploy Buranasiri (29), a member for nine years of a Thai extraterrestrial contact group called UFO Kaokala. Unidentified flying objects have been reported in Thailand since 1810.

Based in Nakhon Sawan, a city in central Thailand, the alien association charges nothing to join and has attracted participants of all ages. Ajarn Wassana Chuensumnaun (47) and her sister Somjit Raepeth (60) founded the group in 1998. The two maintain they have been communicating with aliens from Pluto and a planet named Lokukatapakadikong since 1998.

Wassana and Raepeth said that 21 years ago, their father, a practicing Buddhist, told them he had made contact with ETs while meditating. The incredulous siblings sat next to their dad and meditated alongside him. Wassana described what happened next:

“My father received the wave and it passed to me—it was like a phone line being switched. I felt a kind of ‘motivational energy’ pushing me.”

The ETs from planet Lokukatapakadikong resemble big-headed grays while the beings from Pluto appear in a less substantial, more gaseous form. Wassana’s mission is clear:

“I want to inform the public that aliens will be here for people on Earth.”

After establishing contact, both sets of aliens told the sisters that they wanted to inform and warn them about a future World War III (by 2022) and nuclear holocaust. Setting up lines of communication would allow the off-worlders to give us survival technology and help foster a “new generation” of humans.

Getting the message from ET to humans is what UFO Kaokala is all about. The group maintains a social media presence, organizes public meet-ups, and the regional press.

Kaokala’s social media director is a former local government communications officer named Manop Ampan (65). Graphic design is provided by 35-year-old Krittaya Ketkaewsuwan from Bangkok, who shared that she loves science fiction, has a keen desire to see a UFO, and believed “about 50 percent” of the group’s claims.

Many members of Kaokala joined for spiritual reasons. Buddhists learn how to meditate, guiding themselves into a physical and mental state of complete relaxation. The ETs say that humans in a meditative state are able to communicate with them in consciousness.

Many UFO researchers and experiencers from across the globe have reached the same conclusion or have been given the same message by their alleged ET contacts, sometimes called a download.

The aliens explained to Wassana that they selected Thailand as their contact point due to the large number of meditators there. The Kaokalans made no secret of a location off the shore of a lake near Khao Kala mountain where they claim there is a portal to another dimension.

USOs (unidentified submerged objects) are of particular interest to ufologists. Many hotspots of activity have been reported from all parts of the world. Most of the planet’s oceans are unexplored and inaccessible by humans. Why wouldn’t advanced civilizations dwell at the bottom of the sea?

Some members of Kaokala have been spending so much time meditating and hanging out at Kao Kala mountain that they set up camping facilities and hauled equipment to leave there next to a large Buddhist statue.

Dozens of policemen and rangers conducted dual raids on Thursday and Friday, August 15 and 16, 2019, to determine whether the Kao Kala Meditation Center owners and members are guilty of “encroaching on forest area,” by building unauthorized structures such as an enclosed toilet.

Police Major General Damrong Petpong promised that justice would be served to alleged perpetrators, no matter where they come from:

“If we find anyone guilty of wrongdoing, we will file a criminal case against them. If a UFO descends and parks here, that’s even better. We’ll capture them all.”

Speaking for the local Forestry Department, Pinit Laoyuu said that high-tech means will be used to analyze the situation:

“The Forestry Department will use satellite GPS to check whether, and how much, the center is on forest space. We will proceed according to the law.”

During the inquiry, “we will not allow people to pitch tents or hold activities here since a case is ongoing,” added Pinit.

Kuntamestha Fhanataweenantha (39) is a personal financial planner and Kaokala member since 2009. Aliens communicate with him about not only about upcoming natural disasters but aspects of his private and business affairs. Among the cosmic tidbits shared by the ETs to benefit humanity:

“Within six years, the volcanoes along the Ring of Fire will erupt, and tsunamis will harm Chile, San Andreas and especially Yellowstone.”

This information jives with many scientific reports, including a series of late-July 2018 earthquakes off the West Coast of the U.S. that ranged from 2.8-5.6 magnitude.

As for the police raids on the Kao Kala mountain meditation retreat, group member Ann Thongcharoen pointed out that physical location is secondary to being able to communicate with helpful aliens:

“We can stay in our homes and receive contact. You never know where you’ll be at the time of World War III.”