Airline CEO Destroys Immigration

Michael O’Leary, the Irish top executive for the budget airline Ryanair, has come under attack from globalist politicians and Muslim groups after he suggested during an interview with The Times of London that airport security should focus on Muslim men.

According to Ryanair boss, instead of subjecting families with young children to security checks, they should instead be focus geared toward Muslim men “because that is where the threat is coming from”.

“Who are the bombers? They are going to be single males traveling on their own,” said O’Leary.

“If you are traveling with a family of kids, on you go; the chances you are going to blow them all up is zero,” he added.

When making the statements, the Ryanair CEO is well aware of the media storm that would ensue after they were made public, saying: “You can’t say something like that because it’s racism, but in general it will be men of the Muslim faith. Thirty years ago it was the Irish. If that is where the threat is coming from, deal with the threat.”

Unsurprisingly, O’Leary’s comments garnered harsh criticism from a variety of groups who, of course, accused him of Islamophobia and racism

Responding to the airline boss’s comments, British Labor MP Khalid Mahmood said: “In Germany, a white person killed eight people this week. Do we have to profile white people to see if they are fascists? ”

A spokesperson for the British Muslim Council also complained about O’Leary’s comments, dismissing them as “shameless discrimination”.

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  1. I agree with Mr.Oleary no matter what color race or religion you are. In America if you are a skin head white supremist or look and act like one you are watched if you are Black or Hispanic and flash gang signs have tats and wear colors you are watched if you are Asian and part of a gang you are also watched if you are any color or race and cover your face to conceal who you are you will be labeled Antifa . So the reality is that Muslim extremist groups are usually single men that would be bombers or terrorists if the shoe fits so be it. This isn’t racial profiling it’s just insurance that everyone on that plane is safe. If you don’t like it DONT FLY !


  3. It just may be a bum rap, but facts are, Muslims are Christ haters,and believe that all Christian’s should die.
    While Christains would love to see Muslims see the light and transform their lives.
    This is the difference between good and evil. GOD help us all, Christian’s and Muslims alike.

  4. I disagree with Ryanair! Simply put I think any person except children under the age of 2 are just as apt to Blow someone up. This is their Life Style, no a Religion, but a Life Style . No its not necessarily Muslims either. Anyone who has a mental problem is suspect to being a Terrorist– Depends on their mentality if they become disgruntled with some one, any one. People that have made Threats against the President of the United States are no longer put behind bars. Its like so what! That is a crime. You might not like the President, but please do not make threats or you will be on the list of people that the FBI will be watching for.

  5. All countries must do what is needed to protect their citizens. This includes careful vetting of immigrants and enforcement of laws.

  6. We don’t do the common sense way. We have to think and do what is politically correct. Muslims belong to the religion of peace. There is no reason to suspect Muslims of doing anything wrong.

    • Muslims are among the most rabid killers, rapists and child molesters ! Mohammed, their religious Icon had girls as young as 11 years old as “wives” !! They only started using toilet paper as late as 1985 ! Everywhere you find moslems in power, you find decline, decay and poverty. Kinda like the way Democrats took over Detroit and now it is a third-world cess-pool !

      • Well said JB Andrews. I totally agree with your post. Let’s clean the swamp this year and get rid of all those socialist/communist politician who are trying to tell us that we have to accept the Muslim religion and laws. I say BS.

  7. Unfortunately we have this intentional dodge as the alarmist PC factions trot out their so called Racist or Islamophobic flack, because this is part of the battle plan, so these extremists can continue their murderous and terrorist ways, because we won’t dare then, to confront this culture of murder and mayhem. Thus allowing them to use women and children to shield their cowardly acts. Until we are willing to sidestep this garbage, they will continue without abandon,to kill innocent men. women and children

  8. Of course he’ll be labeled as islamophobic and racist because he have the balls to tell the truth . The Islamic people knows it’s true, I know it’s true the world knows it’s true but they are weak and cowards who don’t stand for what it’s true .

  9. The chance of blowing people with their own children is not zero! Those kind of people are so full of satanic hate that they even use their own children as bombers! 😡 So stay alert.

  10. Some of those who have commented are sarcastically stupid. their needs to be profiles, if one want to stop terrorists. Barack Obama stopped profiling under guise it was unfair to Muslims. Most of the real dumb went along and ignored the obvious. He has an alternate goal and that was to weaken America, so it could eventually be brought down. He even stopped our police from Profiling. His actions have brought more violence and unnecessary hardship for the police. this was purposeful evil. I can”t seem to find where Obama made any decisions that ultimately benefited America, as to their security.

  11. Truth hurts doesn’t it? What’s true is true……the guilty hate to be put in a jar for people to see. Maybe I should smell the s_it you’re selling.

  12. Someone who understands the issues. We need to destroy the credibility of the pc people who have criticized him. In reality they are our real enemies. They are guilty of discrimination against Christians.

  13. In reality, according to Webster, a Muslim is NOT a race, therefore his remark was not racist nor did it have anything to do with Islam and the word Islamphobic only means an irrational fear Islam. Supposedly their religion. If saying something against Muslims is racist and against Islam is a phobia, then speaking against Christians would be racist and speaking against the Bible and their beliefs in God and Jesus would be Christophobia.
    But the media and the left’s who have given in to political correctness, don’t want you to know the truth of those two words. Islam is not a peaceful religion and anyone who really wants to know the truth, should really study it instead of believing what they are told.

  14. I”m all for this. THIS is where the problem has always been. Single men between 21-40 who can’t stay in their country and fight for their freedom, instead want to go out into the world and perform a holy war on the infidels. Name one time when it was a family man, can’t think of any. But what you see crossing the borders and who want to kill others are the single people. Call it what you want, racism islamaphobia, they are just words. What these men are doing is KILLING. Words aren’t going to bring back the dead.
    Why waste time on searching the others? Police in London are having all kinds of problems with muslims, even no go zones. So this dumb ass mayor who should have never been elected to his office to begin with is going to call me names? Let me. Doesn’t hurt. But one of his followers does. I’d kick them ALL out of every country and send them back to the sand box where they belong. They’ve been fighting a religious war for a thousand years, let me go on. I blame America for all this global immigration and Obama the gay, for the name calling.
    Grew up with the saying “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Maybe we ought to bring that back. These muslims in general are worthless as far as I’m concerned. And I hope our Congress will pass a law that prohibits them from running for any elected office in America, with their Sharia law. It’s invaded our schools and is NOT the culture of the United States. We are a Judeo-christian country,….always…No room for Muslims.

  15. The worlds sheeples. They are willing to turn their back on truth and criticize those who introduce the truth such as this airline executive. Muslim is not a race as far as I know. It is a religion and political philosophy as I understand it. Their goal is to kill infidels. To wipe out the U.S. and other democracies who allow other religions and politics into and run the country. I don’t think they would be or should be welcomed with open arms without a great deal of scrutiny. In fact, why take the chance and embrace them at all? We already have several radical women in the Congress of the U.S. that should not be there. They are not Americans. and they don’t seem to want to be Americans.

  16. Let the liberal gullible idiots do or say whatever they want ! They are either lying, wrong or corrupt ! And more then anything, the libtards are on the way OUT … for good !! We are draining the swamp and these left leaning losers are finally being exposed for the Anti-American parasites they have been since Bill Clinton first polluted the White House with is presence ! And every day, Trump is chasing more of them into oblivion, unemployment or prison !

  17. Every race and or nationality has its crazy people who want to do harm to others for religious reasons. But no matter the reason they use it is all wrong, for if there is any God who would tell its disciples to murder another human being for the sake of religion then that God is an evil God. The act of ending someone’s life should have never and should not be today a method for any religion to bring in new followers. If you have to force a religion onto someone then it is not a loving religion, it becomes a demonic religion.
    The human race is so screwed up that one of the most important things in life that we should all cherish is life itself, but it seems killing has become second nature to us, it is sicking to see how we war against each other. We do this all for the sake of material objects, for wealth, for the desire to have more than the next person. So this guy might not be right for saying what he has about Muslim men but currently, it is the middle eastern countries who have waged war on the entire world so yes it would be better to look at single middle eastern men for possible bomb suspects because since Japans kamikaze pilots we have not really seen any certain people who are willing to kill themselves for a cause.

  18. 113 billion taxpayer funds paid to illegal and legal foreigners for housing meds food stamps school and jail this funds can help veterens homeless and our citizens . this fiqure is not mine but from the govt. also note that they have been voting illegaly skewing represetation in congress as well as local politics.. for those here legely if you can not assemulate because of ethnic religious or o ther grounds laws should be enacted to cancel your stay and return you to where you came from

  19. The man O’leary is correct because profiling works and we know it but governments and people in general want to be politically correct which is a bunch of bulls**t. We need to keep the people who travel on planes safe from jihadis mantra. To do this we need to either use facial profiling everyone and make sure our computers are up to date with groups that are know for their affiliation with jihadi rebels. Also we can make sure that everyone who wants to travel must have a special ID that says they are not affiliated with anyone of Muslim radical groups and verified by federal investigations. This would be a chink in the armoure of the radical muslims because they could not fly to countries who employed these laws.


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