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Aggressive Goose Terrorizes New Jersey Diner

Goose Attacking Man

Customers and employees at a New Jersey diner say an aggressive goose in the parking lot of the diner is attacking humans if they get too close

According to witnesses, the male goose has frequently been seen in the parking at the Park West Diner in Woodland Park, New Jersey. The goose has reportedly been acting threatening and aggressively towards staff and customers.

The goose even knocked one man to the ground and pecking him in the face, leaving him with bruises.

Experts said male geese are known to be aggressive this time of year because they are protecting their eggs. Canada geese are protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

“If you go near their nest, they will come after you, they don’t bite, but they’ll clam on you and you’ll have a black or blue mark that will last a month or so,” Paterson Animal Control Officer John DeCanto told WABC-TV.

He also said that male geese usually stay close to the nests where the mothers are tending the eggs.

“Just like us, you know we’re here to protect our little ones and we would do anything in our power to protect them, it’s the same thing,” DeCanto said.