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A Thieve’s Favorite Home Entry Point

Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

The Garage Door is frequently one of the least secure entryways into one’s home. For this reason, many thieves will often check it out first and even use it to enter a house inconspicuously. While you might think that because of the weight and the electronic lever the door is secure, in reality, the emergency door latch means that anyone can force your garage door open.

If you want to secure your Garage Door what you can do is try the following solutions.

1. Use Zip Ties

By running Zip ties through the holes in your emergency release switch you can immobilize it in place. This means that thieves will not be able to just wiggle it with little pressure until it opens. This solution is best for when you are out of the home for prolonged periods of time, as when you are home there are safety reasons for the emergency latch.

2. Garage Door lock

Heavy duty Vacation Garage Door locks are a great option for those who want to have a more certain security measure. These levers will lock in place forcing your garage door to remain shut.

3. Bolt Locks

One of the most common solutions used for securing garage doors is bolt locks. Bolt locks allow you to lock your garage door and will prevent any criminals from raising your door. While these can add a few extra seconds to your opening the door, they are a great tool for keeping your door locked when you are on vacation or at night.

4. Install Security Cameras

One of the important things to understand about criminals is that they are often looking for easy opportunities. If your home has security cameras then chances are, thieves will avoid your house as it poses a bigger risk for them. This is because the footage being recorded can lead to their capture.