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A Raccoon Falls Through the Ceiling Into Crowded LSU Dining Room!

An uninvited guest literally crashed the party when a raccoon fell through the roof of a packed dining hall on the LSU campus!

Students screamed, and a chef tried to catch the masked intruder in a basket!

Freshman Danielle Gipson told The Reveille student newspaper that everyone was standing up and looking around for a raccoon when she went into the 459 Dining Hall for dinner that day.

“I went and still got my food because I thought that it was fake,” she said. “The raccoon then ran underneath my table, and I immediately got on top of the chair.”

One video posted of the incident showed the raccoon running between tables, then climbing onto a chair and looking around. Another shows people chasing it with a broom and a stick or perhaps two brooms. Screams are all that can be heard on either.

Gipson says she lost her appetite when friends told her the raccoon had been on top of her bag while she was gone.

“I am just scared that my bag has a disease,” she said. “Right now, it’s funny to look back at, but at the moment, I was traumatized. My appetite is definitely gone.”

One of her friends, freshman Hannah Accius, said students got the raccoon into an area where it couldn’t run out.

“The raccoon was making its way toward me. It stopped and climbed onto my friend Danielle’s bag. Animal Control finally came and tried to catch it in a trash can. A cook even tried to use a basket to catch it. It was a mess,” she said.

Eventually, she said, it was caught.

Despite the way the raccoon evaded capture, scrambling like a running back, there has been no talk of changing the legendary LSU mascot from the Tigers to the Racoons.