A Florida Man Says He Was Cured of COVID-19 by Drug Touted by Trump!

A Florida man says he was cured of the coronavirus using an FDA approved anti- malarial drug whose use has been pushed by President Trump.

52-year-old Rio Giardinieri reportedly received his first dose of the drug – hydroxychloroquine – last Saturday after having been told by his doctors there was nothing more they could do to ease his suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.

Giardinieri said he was in agony for nine days from serious coronavirus symptoms and was ready to deliver his final goodbyes to his family when a friend sent him an article recommending the treatment. With nothing left to lose, he convinced his doctor to give him the experimental drug.

The Florida man said he suffered from unknown complications following his initial dosage. However, after receiving benadryl and another form of medication, he fell asleep and woke up four hours later with none of the symptoms which hospitalized him.

Giardinieri has claimed the drug saved his life, although his doctors believe it was his body fighting off the virus and it worked its way out of his system.

Last week, President Trump said the FDA was making great strides in allowing doctors to prescribe the medication.

“We’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately and that’s where the FDA has been so great,” he stated. “They’ve gone through the approval process, it’s been approved….so we’re going to be able to make that drug available by prescription.”

In a tweet Monday, the president touted the reported success of Giardinieri’s recovery.

Meanwhile, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) confirmed Sunday that drug trials for the treatment would begin this week.

“The president ordered the FDA to move and the FDA moved,” he stated. “We’re going to get this supply and the trial will start this Tuesday…the president is optimistic about these drugs and we are all optimistic.”

Although the doctors have said hydroxychloroquine is still in initial trials stages to combat COVID-19 and Giardinieri’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle, they are hopeful it can eventually be used on a wider basis to help others fend off the disease.

Doctors are now waiting to see if COVID-19 has completely run its course through Giardinieri’s system, who is hoping to go back home in the coming days.

11 Replies to “A Florida Man Says He Was Cured of COVID-19 by Drug Touted by Trump!”

  1. wfmn

    as the post states;;;; it may or may not of helped taking the drug that trump spoke about;;;;; he could have also died ;;; i think all medicines should be proven before taken;;;

    • Kathleen

      Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin were FDA approved decades ago. While ANY drug and many other substance can have unexpected effects, these are ALREADY approved and any MD can prescribe them for any purpose.
      Getting them now that the word is becoming widespread will be difficult, since Big Pharma has every reason and the means to slow the supply chain as much as possible in order to preserve their own expected profits from this mess. The technicality that all our Big Pharma captured health agencies and their representatives are hiding behind is they don’t want to RECOMMEND these treatments until they are satisfied with the results of clinical trials. That would be reasonable, except that if they run the trials with the wrong doses, the wrong frequency of dosing, dosing for the wrong length of time and without the necessary ZINC or using forms of zinc that hardly anyone can absorb, they may be able to PROVE it doesn’t work. The use of oral vitamin C against viruses was “proven” to not work using these same techniques. It is an old story. We will see, but don’t expect very much honesty from government health agencies.

      • gls

        In 2016 I went to the ER in Tulsa Ok because I couldnt breath at all. All tests showed I had SARS virus! I was immidately admitted and stayed in the hospital for 4 days while getting an IV drip of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and steroids. I was totally delirious when I was brought into the ER and by the next day after having 24 hrs worth of IV drip I was feeling alive again. I was still not well enough to leave though. When the dr came to release me 4 days later he did say, this is as good as you are going to get, you will never get any better and you will be on oxygen for the rest of your life, That is what Sars does to you-it destroys your lungs and leaves them scared for ever.

        3 wks ago when this pandemic started here in the US and no one had a vaccine and thats all anyone ws talking about–a vaccine. I tweeted President Trump and some of the journalists on foxnews and told him its all well to want a vaccine but people need a treatment and I explained i was treated with this drug for sars in 2017 in tulsa ok at st francis hosp and its the only drug that works as quick as it does. about 20 minutes later Trump tweeted this to foxnews:

        March 21, 2020 at 1:47 pm
        Donald J. Trump

        · 5h
        HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains – Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents)…..

        Donald J. Trump


        Trump listened!!! and just posted this a little while ago!

        So glad he got and read my text and posted it to fox so i would see it and this is the drug he is pushing for this corvid19. This combination drug had already been approved by the fda and didnt need to get reapproved unless they have to add this disease for useage. Anyway just know that our POTUS listens and hear all of us! I say Thank you President Trump because without you pushing this treatment peole would be dying everywhere.

  2. Julie Kolankowski

    there are also other anti virals like black liquirice, garlic, bupleurum chinense, taragon oil and more and vit-c to fight if off but nothing is said why not.

  3. Steve

    Isn’t this the drug that was extremely successful by the whole country of South Korea ? their death rate is extremely low ! Why do we need to reinvent the wheel , – PREVENT U.S. DEATHS NOW !

    • Kathleen

      Of course. So now the claim is the S Korea is lying about the success. Now that nearly everyone lies about nearly anything that serves their own self interest and gets away with it, nobody can make decisions based on fact because hardly anyone knows what the facts are. If I got COVID-19, I would DEMAND the Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine plus zinc and threaten to sue the medical facility, the physician and every drug company in the nation if I didn’t get it. Of course some enterprising person could claim I was getting it when indeed something else was actually provided, and thereby kill me, so even that is not fool proof. Lots of folks are really “four-letter-word” ed.

      • gls

        I agree with you and it is available in the US and I have been on it see my post above. Also the gove of Michigan is refusing to allow all docs, phamacystis and others that write scripts to use this. She needs to be pulled out of that office by the hair of her head and held accountable for the deaths she is creating by withholding medical treatments just because Trump authorized its use.

  4. June Lucio

    Of course!
    Remember The old 666 cold and flu med had quinine in it, among other medicines. It was yellow and bitter due to the quinine, and it worked. FDA removed it off the shelf when they developed an antivirus med through the Drs to make more money!
    Of course Quinine is going to help with the fever, aches and pains and calming the respiratory issues!
    FDA will kill you for their greed!
    The med can affect your ticker, & damage joints, but if you are dying anyway might wanna try it! If you want to stay around awhile. With a prayer it could save your life and do nothing at all.
    Drink lots of tonic water! To get any effect at all from the tonic water you may have to drink at least a liter several times a day until you can get medical help. It would be better then nothing at all while you are made to wait for test results and medical care. It may not work at all but it’s worth a try! I would!

  5. Kathleen

    It is legal for these drugs to be used off label to treat COVID-19. You will have to DEMAND it and threaten lawsuits if necessary.
    In vitro (in the lab outside the body), the chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine supposedly works by helping the essential mineral ZINC get into the cells of the body where it inactivates an enzyme called RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRP) which is an enzyme that turns cells into virus replicating factories. So they should be doing trials and adding zinc to the drugs. Enough zinc inside the cell = no RdRP = you don’t get very sick from the attacking virus. PLUS, the drug-zinc combo allows the body to become immune to the attacking virus without needing to become deathly ill. Much safer and cheaper than a vaccine, not to mention SHOULD be available sooner. So you can be sure Big Pharma will do everything in its power to limit chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine availability and to deny the role of zinc in this process.
    According to government info, only @10% of Americans are deficient in zinc, but since the amount the government also says is necessary to avoid deficiency may be too low to support optimum health, the percentage who will need zinc supplementation to allow the drugs to function may be much higher than the government standards indicate.
    Intravenous vitamin C is being used elsewhere in the world, supposedly saving lives of many acutely ill patients. I can’t think of anything much less likely to have adverse side effects than IV vitamin C. I read that only one US company is allowed to make it, so there is apparently a shortage of that too. Thanks a lot Big Pharma with your bought and paid for American health agencies called the CDC, NIH, FDA and HHS. I simply cannot imagine that any decent hospital pharmacy should not be able to mix buffered ascorbic acid with sterile water, properly adjust the pH and provide as much as is needed. IV vitamin C has been used at least since the 1940s to successfully treat viral illnesses like polio, measles and chicken pox, but using it would save lives and reduce the profits for Big Pharma.
    How do you think all these “vaccines on the shelf” got on the shelf in the first place? When the 2002 SARS hit and the later MERS hit, vaccine development was started. Then when the epidemics fizzled, so did the prospects for massive profits, so research was stopped. Now that they sense an opportunity to make money again from human suffering, and they want to rush these old partly developed vaccines into trials. That the SARS-CoV-2 virus is significantly different from the SARS and MERS viruses won’t matter to them nor will whether or not any of these vaccines prove to be effective because the US government has already given them $8.3 billion for research. In fact, if what they have now doesn’t work, which is likely to be the case, they will undoubtedly successfully petition Congress for even more money. It’s just like the war on cancer, give us money, oops it didn’t work, give us more money, over and over. If anyone develops a successful cancer treatment, it would cost Big Pharma unbelievable $$$, so anyone who does gets put out of business one way or another.
    The French MD who added Azithromycin to the other drugs said he had 25 years experience successfully treating pneumonia patients with the Chloro-Azith combo. And the government has the nerve to call that anecdotal evidence.

  6. Mary D. Nelson

    Saying “Trump touted” this drug is Inaccurate and misleading . Anyone watching Trump’s informative daily broadcasts saw and heard his medical team reporting from some European (Italy?) countries that they had used hydrochloriquine and/or chloroquine with good results. Americans were advised to consult their doctor and testing of this treatment method was ordered.

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