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5 Surprising Items you NEED to Hoard

If you’ve ever considered creating a stockpile of necessities in the event of a crisis, you are not alone. Many people throughout the world are prepared to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and fed during any situation man or nature throws at them. However, you might be surprised by some items you will need to stockpile to actually make it through the crisis. This list does not contain any food products. NOTE: DON’T FORGET FOOD!

#1 Aspirin.

Everyone knows Asprin is a general pain reliever, and most everyone has used these pills to reduce fever or a bad headache. What most people don’t know is Asprin can be directly placed on a bee sting or bug bite, greatly reducing the pain experienced by the afflicted. When mixed with corn starch, Asprin can be used to create a very powerful bug repellent. Asprin infused water can even be used to help your plants avoid infection.

#2 Cat litter.

Even if you don’t have a cat, cat litter can be used for numerous purposes. Much like the use for a cat, litter would work for human waste. Litter poured into a portable toilet will greatly reduce smells. In addition to the obvious reasons, litter can be used to increase tire traction on icy roads. Just pour it under, in front and behind your tiers. If you are growing your own plants in a dry climate, add litter to the soil mix. It will actually hold in more moisture than just the soil.

#3 Cotton balls

Obviously we’ve all used cotton balls for applications of ointments and creams, but they will have many more uses in a crisis setting.

If your gun cleansing swab is used up, cotton balls are the next best way to keep your equipment clean. Remember, a dirty, rusted gun isn’t worth much once it can’t reliably fire. If you soak cotton balls in peppermint oil, you can create a great deterrent for pests. Maybe most importantly, cotton balls are a great form of tinder. If you’re trying to start a fire, stuff a few petroleum soaked balls underneath, and you’ll be surprised by how fast you will have your fire going.

#4 Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is found in most of our bathrooms, but many people don’t realize how important this item is for survival.

As stated in the cotton ball example , petroleum oil and a cotton ball can create great tinder. Vaseline can also be used to prevent rust on guns and other metal gadgets. The most surprising use is as an ant repellent. Making a circle of Vaseline around your food will prevent those little pests from getting on your supply.

#5 Steel Wool

We’ve probably all cleaned things with steel wool. The tough material is great for scrubbing gunk out of pots and pans, even for removing rust from metal. However, that is just one use. Have you ever touched steel wool with a 9 volt battery. If you have, you would know an immediate ignition occurs. Paired with cotton, you will be able to easily start a fire. Steel wool is also capable of sharpening knives and gardening equipment.