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6 Vital Survival Tips we can Learn from the Homeless

Photo credit: The Canadian Press

Homeless people are often dismissed by the public. But, they are survivors who live in unfavorable conditions.

This means they know what it takes to stay alive with barely any shelter and sustenance. So here are some valuable survival skills we can learn from them.

Choose your survival gear carefully

Clothing has multiple purposes besides covering you up. Dress in layers, versus a bulky winter coat. Be prepared to wear a few light jackets that you can wear on top of each other or remove easily if it gets too warm. Find clothing with durable materials, so if needed it can be made into a rope, bandage or even used to collect water.

Stay clean

Homeless people don’t often have access to a shower. So that is why they rely on wet wipes and water bottles to clean themselves. Make sure you have wet wipes and water to clean cuts and wounds to avoid infection and to wash your hands. The last thing you want to do is to eat with your dirt covered hands and get sick.

Find a survival companion

It’s hard to not feel despair when you don’t have anything. A travel companion, a person you trust or even a dog will help you focus on the positive. You can keep each other warm and divide the tasks needed to get done to survive. Not to mention, you will have someone to pass the time with.

Stay warm

Keeping your body temperature up means you will need less energy, i.e. food. Here are some of the ways that homeless people keep warm.

Sleep on cardboard, this will protect you more from the cold ground.

Keep your hands and feet warm. Pro tip: make hand warmers with boiling water in water bottles.

Get a mylar blanket. This thermal blanket is light and will keep you warm.

Never remove your bag and pack light

Sleep with your bag strapped to you or even sleep on it. The last thing you need is someone stealing your lifeline. Also, you should only carry the essentials because you never know when you will have to leave quick.

Know your surroundings

Homeless people often don’t venture somewhere they don’t know well. It’s safer for them to stay in an area where they know the potential dangers. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a place to set up camp. Check out the surroundings and become more familiar or better yet pick an area you already know well.