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58-Year-Old Cold Case Finally Solved After Facebook Tip

A cold case that has baffled detectives for nearly 60 years has finally been solved – after a tip from Facebook.

Fisherman discovered the body of a young boy in mountains east of Oregon back in 1963. He had remained unidentified for decades.

The corpse was discovered wrapped in blankets, bound and weighted down with iron. It was initially estimated to be a two-year-old.

However, a lack of clues that could lead to the boy’s identity caused the case to go cold just a month after the discovery of the body.

The case was archived by Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) until 2007, when a detective uncovered a dusty box of documents.

Some of the papers found related to the “Keene Creek” case. Authorities decided to reopen the investigation.

The boy’s tiny body was exhumed in 2008. A DNA sample was taken, which allowed scientists to create a composite image of the victim (pictured above).

However, even with this high tech image, detectives could still not identify the boy – until a message was sent on Facebook in late 2020.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said they received a tip that led them to contact DNA experts and genealogists in an attempt to chart a family tree.

After searching a huge database, they found two potential siblings of the victim.

An interview with a DNA-confirmed maternal half-brother in Ohio revealed that he had a young sibling with down syndrome born in New Mexico who went missing.

“Upon further investigation a birth certificate was uncovered, and after 58 years the Keene Creek baby Doe had a name: Stevie Crawford, born 10-2-1960.”

Unfortunately, the circumstances around the death of Stevie remain unclear right now.

The body was found on July 11, 1963 near to the Keene Creek Reservoir along Highway 66 outside the city of Ashland in Oregon.

Numerous agencies have been involved in the investigation over the years, JCSO said – including the FBI.

“Through the years, many people were instrumental in assisting to identify Stevie, often providing their time and efforts free-of-charge,” the force said.