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  • Has China Created the First “GMO” Humans?

    Has China Created the First “GMO” Humans?

    GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms are new organisms, not normally found in nature. Like some kind of modern-day Frankensteins GMOs are created in labs by so-called “food scientists” that genetically modify or engineer food plants. They claim that the genetic modifications can make food ...
  • Should Gold and Silver be used as an Emergency Fund?

    Should Gold and Silver be used as an Emergency Fund?

    When preparing for disaster, the first things on a person’s mind are usually how to purify water, how to protect the family, etc. But what about your economic well-being? We all want an emergency fund in case the economy tanks, but is buying gold and silver really the answer? A lot of “what ...
  • Global Stock Market Crash

    Global Stock Market Crash

    The world is no longer a collection of separate countries. Technology has allowed us to develop a global economy; like a long line of dominoes, we are all connected. And I don’t have to explain what happens when just one domino falls. While the mainstream media continues to ignore it, the last ...
  • Fending Off Animal Attacks

    Fending Off Animal Attacks

    Knowing how to react to an attacking animal – wild or domestic – could make the difference between life and death: yours. Although social media abounds with videos of proud humans showing off a “pet” wild animal trained to amuse the audience, don’t be fooled. ...
  • Are You Prepared for a Plague or Pandemic?

    Are You Prepared for a Plague or Pandemic?

    Have you ever had the flu? You probably have. Did you feel deathly ill? Most likely. Did you survive? If you are reading this, the answer is yes, as it would be for most people. Seasonal Flu shots were originally created to help those most at risk to die from influenzas, such as the elderly, ...
  • Migrants – and Violence – Arrive at the U.S. Border

    Migrants – and Violence – Arrive at the U.S. Border

    The first Central Americans leading a caravan that is reported to number more than 7,000 members have arrived at the southern border of the United States. Their goal is to leave criminal governments, insane levels of inflation, and gang violence behind and seek refuge in the Promised Land of ...
  • What Is “Peak Oil” and How Can It Lead to Global Economic Collapse?

    What Is “Peak Oil” and How Can It Lead to Global Economic Collapse?

    Despite a steadily improving economy in the US, the same cannot be said for much of the rest of the world. And while there are strong and growing economies in places like China that can literally give the US a run for its money, there is one undeniable fact that many believe can and will […]
  • Typhus Epidemic Hits America

    Typhus Epidemic Hits America

    A potentially deadly disease once thought to be wiped out in the United States is rearing its ugly head again: epidemic typhus has been reported in overcrowded, poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California and elsewhere in the nation. Epidemic typhus, caused by the bacteria ...
  • Make Your Own Antibiotics

    Make Your Own Antibiotics

    In 1900, 30.4% of all deaths occurred among children aged less than 5 years. The infamous 1919 influenza epidemic caused the death of nearly 500,000 Americans. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, death caused by microorganisms was one of the leading causes in the industrialized world. In ...
  • Prevent a Home Invasion

    Prevent a Home Invasion

    A home invasion is when intruders force themselves into your house, intent on damaging you and your loved ones. A home invader doesn’t operate like the average burglar or vandal who wants to avoid detection in order to snatch and grab or tears things up – preferably while no one is ...