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2 Life Saving Survival Tips You Must Know

Photo by <a href="">Axel Holen</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Many areas frequently have to deal with different natural disasters. From wildfires to hurricanes to floods there is a whole array of circumstances to prepare for. Oftentimes though the tip to survival is having the necessary amount of information on what you can use to keep yourself safe.

1. Self-Made Life Preserver

Your pants are an excellent tool if you ever find yourself surrounded by water. This is because they can work as a life preserver. This was how Marine Lance-Corporal Zachary Mayo was found alive even two days after he had fallen into the open sea. The process is relatively simple. First, tie the ankles so that no air is released. Then, try gathering enough air in the pants and sealing them. You can then keep the inflated pant legs around your head and the waistband in the water.

2. Use an edibility test

If you are out in the wilderness and you are trying to figure out what is and what isn’t safe to eat the most obvious thing you can do is try the universal edibility test. The first step is to smell the item you have found. Often plants that release an unpleasant odor are not edible. This is because they have not been suggested for selective harvesting by humans. If the smell is not unpleasant, then rub the plant against the inside of your wrist or elbow. After an hour or less you should see either nothing developing or you might get a hive or rash. Similarly, if there is no rash, complete the same process against your lips. If that also doesn’t have any results, put the food inside your mouth and move it around for a bit. Make sure not to swallow the food. If that is also safe, then go ahead and eat a little. You should wait overnight before deciding whether what you ate the night before was safe to consume in larger quantities.