Author Archives: Survival Update Team

Author Archives: Survival Update Team

  • Starting Your Survival Garden

    Starting Your Survival Garden

    If you have a backyard garden, what could you do to maximize its effectiveness for prepping and survival? What should you grow? First off, if you’re like me and don’t have 20 acres, you need to change the way you think about yield rates. While you can grow a lot of lettuce per ...
  • Creating Your Survivalist Regimen

    Creating Your Survivalist Regimen

    Surviving in the wilderness or even a decimated urban world is not an easy task. Many people work for years to become survival experts, and some of those people might not last a few days in SHTF crisis.  This article lays out a plan to make the best use of your time. 1. If you […]
  • Protecting Yourself From Nuclear Fallout

    Protecting Yourself From Nuclear Fallout

    While it’s unfortunate to have to write such an article, our current times require the issue of nuclear weapons to be brought up once again. Many of you recall the nuclear drills, when you were instructed to huddle underneath your desks, heads tucked between your knees. As terrifying as the ...
  • 5 Surprising Items you NEED to Hoard

    5 Surprising Items you NEED to Hoard

    If you’ve ever considered creating a stockpile of necessities in the event of a crisis, you are not alone. Many people throughout the world are prepared to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and fed during any situation man or nature throws at them. However, you might be surprised by ...
  • How to Live Off Grid

    How to Live Off Grid

    To live off the grid essentially means having a self-sustaining domicile that is independent of outside influence. Free of government dependence and the associated costs, the prospect of living off the grid has become ever more enticing to citizens of all countries. Providing the necessary ...
  • The Next Global Recession

    The Next Global Recession

      If you are not worried about the global economy, you might want to open your eyes – before it’s too late.   Because of its widespread use in industrial applications, copper historically has been considered a reliable barometer of the state of global market activity. As you can see ...